Ethiopia Michiti


Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, strawberry, and lemon

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  • Region: Kaffa
  • Grower: Tega and Tula
  • Altitude: 1830-1870 meters
  • Process: Natural
  • Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade
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  1. Darla Kay Dean

    Uncompromising flavors that stands above the rest.
    I Love all the WILD ROASTERS flavors… and this one is just so ‘warming’ in character and swanky delivery of enticing, lingering & memorable.

    I and my coffee ‘buds’ are so excited to have such a clean, fresh and ‘CustomerCare’, above all else… right in our own neighborhood…
    Why didn’t I think of that…? Darla Kay
    New Castle, RFV

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