About us

Home. Everybody needs a place to love and be loved and just be home.

Our story started with us being at home as missionaries in rural northern Uganda. With a lack of good coffee available to us, we bought some green beans from a Ugandan farm, built a frankenstein style roaster and started roasting our own coffee at home. At first, it was horrible tasting but over time, we refined our roasting and the coffee started tasting delicious!

When we moved back to the states we knew what we had to do: roast world-class coffees to create an everyday luxury that relationships can be built around to make the world a better place both locally and globally. We enlisted the help of some like-minded friends to join us in partnering with you to change the world through coffee and caring relationships.

Every morning, our three-family coffee company wakes up thinking about the three things that drive everything we do:

Craft, Community, and Causes

We want to help you make the world a better place by providing a world-class cup of coffee that you can share with others that does good both at origin, through partnering with great farms, and with nonprofits that help people find their sense of home.

It’s all about relationships and it’s been said that the shortest distance between two people is a cup of coffee. Let us help you make the world a more connected place.

Share a cup.

From our home to yours,

Des & Rose Starr, Andrew & Kerri Meador, Misty Kearns

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